2019 Lake Ontario Fishing Forecast

The ice is finally starting to melt and things are beginning to shape up for another great year of fishing on Lake Ontario. The Steelhead and Salmon populations continue to flourish. Lake Ontario has become one of North Americans premier Salmon fisheries because of the work of a lot of dedicated individuals.

Brown Trout and Lake Trout will be the first species we will be targeting in May & June. As the waters continue to warm these fish will continue to get more aggressive and we are expecting limits on most days. In June the Steelhead will also be showing up giving us a third species of fish to catch.

July is a great month as the trout and steelhead fishing continues to be good but the King Salmon will start showing up. If you are looking to catch lots of fish July is the month you will want to be on the lake.

Starting in August the King Salmon season will be in full gear. Usually later in the month we will see the Coho salmon starting to appear and there will be a transition where we will see more Coho Salmon being caught than King Salmon.

In September the action will primarily be Coho Salmon with the occasional King Salmon still taking a rod or two down each day.

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